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Tips to Help Your Child With Exams

Whether you call them midterms, midyear exams, or semester exams, this important testing period is coming up quick. If your child is feeling stressed by their upcoming tests, use these tips to help them prepare for their exams.

Develop a Study Routine

Once your...

Get Your Child Through the Midyear Slump

As the school year moves forward, the new and exciting part is over. Many students struggle to keep their motivation high once things settle and are no longer new. If this sounds like your child, check out these tips to help them make it past the midyear...

Why You Should Focus on Math Early On

In the past, it wasn't uncommon for students to enter kindergarten with the most basic of academic skills. However, the times have changed and students now enter school with more developed skills. One area that you should concentrate on introducing your...

Simple Ways to Improve Study Habits

Most students aren't exactly excited to get home and study, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't do it. In fact, studying is a very important part of their academic journey, so they should learn to do it well. Below are some tips to help your student develop...

Tips to Help Your Child Complete Their Homework Efficiently

If your child struggles to get their homework done, they may just need a little help staying on task. Use the following tips to help your child efficiently tackle their homework every day.

Create an After School Routine

Having an after...

How to Identify a Struggling Reader

If you think your child is struggling with their reading abilities, there are a few telltale signs to look out for. If you're not sure what may be signs of a struggle, below are some examples of what you should be on the lookout for.

Confusing Sounds and Words


Develop Healthy School Habits

Your child's bad habits may be holding them back from achieving academic success. Help them develop better and healthier habits this school year with the following tips.

Get Plenty of Sleep

Sleep is a must for students, but many of them don't get nearly as much as...

Start the School Year on the Right Foot

Fall can be a stressful time for students because it means the beginning of the school year. While some students may actually be excited to get back to class, they may still struggle at the beginning. To help your child have an easier transition back to...

Get to Know the Summer Slide

Many parents have heard of the summer slide, but how many of them actually know what it is? Although its name sounds like a fun summer activity, it's quite the opposite. To help you learn more about it, check out this information from The Tutoring Center, Hoover AL.



Summer Activities to Keep Your Child Learning This Summer

In order to keep the summer slide at bay, your child needs to practice their academic skills this summer. Educational activities may sound boring to them, but they don't have to be. Check out some examples of fun activities that can also...


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