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How to Deal With Academic Burnout

Although students deal with stress and school-related anxiety on the regular, being burned out isn't something that should be ignored. If you think your child may be suffering from academic burnout, use these tips to help them through it.

What Is Academic...


Tips to Reduce Your Child's Screen Time

Many students don't go through an entire day without spending some time on a cellphone, tablet, laptop, television, and other screens. While you may not think too much about this, spending all day in front of a screen can come with negative repercussions....

Useful Time Management Tips for Students

Next time you hear your child say they don't have enough time to complete all of their tasks, sit them down and talk about how they're using their time. You may be surprised to learn your child just needs some help with their time management skills. If...

Tips to Help Your Child Improve Their Grades

If your child's grades don't reflect their abilities, they may need some extra help reaching the grades you know they're capable of. To figure out what's going on that's causing them to get lower grades than what they can achieve, use these tips.



How to Help Your Child Improve Their Handwriting Skills

Even if neater handwriting isn't one of your child's goals for this year, improving messy handwriting is a must for all students. To help your child tidy up their penmanship, check out these useful handwriting tips.

Slow Down While Writing


How to Increase Mental Math Skills

Most students aren't fond of math because it can often present some serious challenges. If the mere mention of math makes your child go into a panic, use these tips to help them improve their mental math skills and conquer their fear of the subject.

Play Math...


Help Your Child Read Aloud Confidently

Students who haven't been reading for long may still be too shy to read in front of their peers. Luckily, they have you to practice with at home. Encourage your child to develop their reading skills at home with these simple tips.

Read Aloud Together


Educational Activities for Your Child's Winter Break

Taking the time to practice basic school lessons during winter break can keep your child on their toes while keeping them in the habit of learning. Since it's also important for them to take a break from their stressful school time routines,...

Tips to Help Your Child With Exams

Whether you call them midterms, midyear exams, or semester exams, this important testing period is coming up quick. If your child is feeling stressed by their upcoming tests, use these tips to help them prepare for their exams.

Develop a Study Routine

Once your...

Get Your Child Through the Midyear Slump

As the school year moves forward, the new and exciting part is over. Many students struggle to keep their motivation high once things settle and are no longer new. If this sounds like your child, check out these tips to help them make it past the midyear...


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