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Oral Reading Tips

Your child's ability to read effectively is made up of a number of reading skills that all work together. One of these skills is their ability to read fluently. If your child avoids having to read aloud in class because their fluency isn't great, these tips can help them...

Strategies That Can Help Your Child Improve Their Mental Math Skills

Most children aren't fond of mental math, especially when they have a trusty calculator on their cellphone, tablet, and computer. But, what are they going to do when they have to take a test that doesn't allow them to use a...

Ways to Encourage Math Love at Home

Math is a tough subject, which may explain why so many students simply don't enjoy it. Unfortunately, math is also one of the most important subjects for your child to master. To help instill a love of math in your child, use these tips.

Practice Math Early On


Signs That Indicate Your Child Needs a Math Tutor

Most students will struggle with a math assignment from time to time because, to put it simply, math is hard. A few struggles here and there are normal, but if your child is always having a hard time, they may need extra help. To decide if your...

Encourage Your Child to Develop a Healthy Reading Habit

Reading is a great habit for children to develop at a young age. Not only is this activity educational, it can also be lots of fun. To help your child become a lifelong reader, use these tips to get them more interested in books.

Create a...


How Parents Can Deal With Report Cards Positively

Progress reports and report cards can cause students to become quite stressed because not only do these reflect how they're doing in a class, they most likely also have to show these to their parents. Help your child develop a healthier...

Tips to Increase Your Child's Academic Confidence

Academic confidence is a useful quality to possess. Beyond just helping students feel confident in their work, academic confidence can actually help them perform better and become lifelong learners. To help your child increase their academic...

Why Extracurricular Activities Are Important for Students

For students, participating in extracurricular activities may seem like all fun, but they can actually be way more than that. Students who participate in after-school activities can develop skills that will help them through their entire...

Engaging and Interactiv Methods That Help Children Learn Better

There are many ways to help children learn better, but one of the most efficient methods is through fun and games. Interactive activities help children focus and absorb the information better. That is why it is so important that...

Use Games and Activities to Reinforce Learning

Children learn in many different ways. Some are more visual while other are more kinesthetic, but all of them learn best when they are having fun. That is why games and activities are always a great way to reinforce learning. Today we want to share...


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