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Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, or ADHD as it is commonly known, is a neurodevelopmental disorder affecting over 10% of children ages 3-17. That is correct, almost 6 million children in just the United States, suffer from ADHD. You are not alone. Captivating the attention of a child with ADHD can be difficult, but there are two steps you can follow to help create a more engaging environment for your ADHD child, as well as any other children you may have in your home. 


Organization and scheduling are crucial for children with ADHD. Create a routine in your home so that your child is aware of what to expect throughout the day. Try setting up a clock in their workspace, giving them clear instructions on what is expected, and when. For more tips on workspace and scheduling check out How to Create a Study Environment.


It is important that both you and your child maintain healthy habits. By providing an example for your child, it will be easier for him/her to become accustomed to healthy living. Healthy habits include: 

Eating well

Avoiding sugary foods, eating foods that increase brain activity and brain health

Sleeping well

This not only means getting enough sleep, but getting the best sleep possible. How many hours of sleep is recommended? What kind of sleeping conditions provide optimal rest? Answers will differ depending on age, activity level, and preference.  

Exercise and Play

Getting the appropriate amount of physical activity is essential in aiding a healthy mind. Be sure that you and your child are getting exercise and enjoying physical activities. 

Know that after you have begun to enact these two helpful tips in your home, there may still be need for some extra help for your child. Here at The Tutoring Center we have qualified and dedicated tutors who are available to help you and your child achieve the greatest success possible. When contemplating tutoring in Hoover, consider us for your child’s needs.

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