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Factors That Affect Listening Skills

Previously, we discussed the importance of listening skills and why it is imperative that students develop better listening abilities. However, it is also important to identify and discuss some of the factors that prevent students from developing and using the necessary listening skills.

What Are Some of the Things That Prevent Students from Having Good Listening Skills?

  • Lack of concentration. Since listening is not just hearing the words that are being said, but actually making sense of the information, it is important to stay focused and to pay attention. Many students struggle with their attention span so it is a good idea to start by helping students focus and concentrate. They need to learn how to block out noises and external distractions as well as internal distractors, such their own wandering thoughts.
  • Lack of interest. Once they learn to concentrate and pay attention it will be easier to listen. The same goes for how much interest they have in what is being said. It is incredibly hard to listen to something that you have no interest in, even as adults it isn't easy. That is why it is important to involve children in active learning and engage them in a manner that makes them interested and curious.
  • Difficulty with skills development. There are students that have a hard time developing more acute listening skills because they struggle with learning abilities in general. These students tend to also have a hard time improving their working memory. The best thing to do is to seek additional help and alternatives that can help them adapt. This can help them learn to develop these skills in a more efficient manner.

Give Your Child the Tools to Learn More Efficiently with Tutoring in Hoover AL

Tutoring is an excellent tool for students that struggle with listening skills. It can provide them with the proper training to learn the fundamentals skills and abilities that they need. Contact The Tutoring Center, Hoover AL at (205) 987-9577. Call today for more information and hand your child the tools to learn better and more efficiently.


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