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A person with an extensive vocabulary is more likely to communicate with others eloquently and to understand the world a bit better. For that reason, in this installment, you'll learn a few tips on how you can help elevate your child's vocabulary.

How to Help Your Child Extend their Vocabulary

Encourage Them to Read Often

First of all,  you should encourage your child to become avid readersIt'll give them the opportunity to discover new words and expand their knowledge of grammar and various subjects.

Motivate Them to Write More

Tied to the point above, writing can also allow your child to challenge their vocabulary, and use words they recently learned. Keeping a journal or writing short stories can be a good idea.

Provide the Necessary Learning Tools

Certain learning tools, such as the dictionary and/or the thesaurus, help your child come into contact with and search for unknown words. Provide these tools for them, so they can use them effectively.

Engage Them in Conversation

Finally, talking with your child can also help them expand their vocabulary. Doing so can expose them to new words, as well as provide a way to practice the new additions to their repertoire.

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