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Taking notes is key to do good in school! They are the reference material you use when studying, so it’s no secret they need to be in great shape. However, there is a wrong way to take notes!

So, in order to keep your notes on the good side, The Tutoring Center in Hoover has this few pointers on what to avoid!

What to Avoid when Taking Notes


Doodling can help some focus on what they’re doing. However, don’t do it in the middle of your notes! Unless the drawing has something to do with what’s being explained, keep it elsewhere!


On the same subject, scratches, stains, and other unsightful filth can make studying stressful! You’ll find that by keeping clean notes, you’ll be able to feel more calm when going through them.

Mixing Things Up

Each school subject should be in a different section of your notebook or folder (or in different notebooks altogether)! By being organized, you won’t get confused or have to waste time searching for your notes.

Leaving Things Untitled

How will you know what your notes are about if there’s no date or label on the page? Again, organization is key to have an effective study session, so don’t forget to title and date properly.

Writing Down Undecipherable Jumbles

Sometimes, we may only write key words down or, to hurry up, end up with awful penmanship. However, when the time comes to study, we have no idea what we meant! Avoid the stress and confusion by writing everything down with legible letters!

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