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Spend Time Together and Complete This Activity with Your Child This Winter Break

Winter season tends to be a time when parents can spend more time with their children.  However, it can also mean less time outdoors. Sometimes that means children get bored, but this doesn't have to be the case. There are plenty of interesting and educational activities that children can enjoy indoors. Today, we want to share a ¨cool¨ activity that the entire family can participate in.

What You Will Need

  • Around 5-6 ice trays for making many ice cubes (this will depend on how many people are participating)
  • a large plastic bag for covering the work area
  • warm water
  • a notebook
  • a pencil
  • a timer

Ice Cube Igloo Fun Family Activity

First, make sure you fill up the ice trays and make the ice cubes a few nights beforehand. Then, take the time to get your child excited about a cool activity you have planned for them. Next, cover the work area or surface where they will be working in with a large plastic bag. After that, decide whether your family members will work individually or as two teams competing against each other. The objective is to use the ice cubes to build a mini igloo by making the ice cubes stick together with water.  Make it into a competition to see who can build the best igloo and who can get it done first. Time each other and have fun. At the end, discuss the activity and the science and math behind igloos. Have your child write as many questions as they can about igloos and then research to find answers. Research interesting facts about igloos, such as how an igloo holds its shape and why they are shaped the way they are. You can also learn how they can help people stay warm even when they are made of ice.

Tutoring in Hoover AL

Tutoring is another great way to incorporate fun and productive activities into your child's life. This winter break, make sure they don't fall behind by enrolling them in the best tutoring program in Hoover, today.  Contact The Tutoring Center, Hoover AL at (205) 987-9577 and read this post for more ideas on fun winter break activities.


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