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How to Prevent Homework Procrastination

Getting your child motivated to do their homework can be a bit tricky. Since most students have plenty of other after-school activities to worry about, homework may not be the most exciting item on their agenda. To ensure your child gets it done and doesn't stay up all night finishing it, use these tips to prevent homework procrastination.

Create a Homework Routine

Turning anything into a routine can make it easier to accomplish. At first, your child may try to resist, but as they get used to their homework routine, they'll have no trouble finishing their homework in a timely manner. It's best to allow your child a little bit of downtime right after school so that they can get a snack or get their excess energy out before hitting the books. Ideally, your child's homework time should be before dinner so that all of their work is complete before their bedtime.

Come up With a Plan

Before your child dives into their homework, create a plan so that they can stay on task. It helps to have your child create a to-do list that can guide their homework time. Their to-do list should include all of the assignments that are due the next day and assignments that are due soon. Have your child prioritize their list so that they get the most pressing items done first. They can then focus some time on working to finish those assignments that are due at a later date.

Break Down Assignments

When your child is assigned a large task or project, it can be quite intimidating, making it more tempting to ignore it altogether. Instead, help your child break down a large assignment into smaller tasks that are less intimidating. They can tackle these smaller tasks one at a time spreading them out throughout the time they have to complete the assignment as a whole. As they see their progress, the assignment will become less intimidating and much more doable.

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