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We are in the middle of the summer and the first day of school still looks very distant - right? However, time is short and you definitely want to avoid the stress and hurries the night before school starts. 

This is the perfect time to help your children to prepare for a new academic year filled with challenges - and at The Tutoring Center in Hoover, we are always here to assist you! That’s why, we’d like to give you a few ideas to make this back to school easier.

Create a Routine

Summer may be a synonym for waking up late and that will stop on the first day of school. Start adjusting the internal clocks of your children by sending them to bed 15 minutes earlier and waking them up 15 minutes earlier - do this at least 3 weeks before school starts. Also, start a lunchtime routine, so they can focus on their class and not on their hunger. 

Plan a Schedule

It’s important that you sit with your children a create an after-school schedule. How much time will they need to do their homework and other activities? Go through each day of the week and don’t forget to include study breaks.


A new school year is the opportunity to declutter the rooms of your children; it’s a good moment to see what clothes and school supplies they have and need.

Get Ready!

Summer is not all fun and games, there should be some time to review previous school material and to set new academic goals. There are many activities to keep the minds of your children active; like reading, summer tutoring and many more!

These simple ideas will help your children to start a great year without any difficulties. Don’t forget to provide a space where your children can focus to study and do their homework, remember this guide to create a study environment

It’s important that your children practice their academic abilities over summer, otherwise they can experience learning loss! To avoid this condition, consider summer tutoring. The Tutoring Center has programs that will help your children to reach their potential and to start the school year on the right foot.

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