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Once your child has reached a certain point in his or her academic career, it is only natural that you begin thinking more pointedly about their academic future, specifically college. It is important to know that there are ways you can begin assisting your child from a young age to have the factors college recruiters are looking for. The Tutoring Center in Hoover would like to assist you in the endeavour of building your child’s academic resume by providing you with six factors a university desires in its student body. 

Your child’s artistic expression can certainly be an eye-catching factor. Whether your child is a dancer, painter, or instrumentalist, even if he or she is not desiring to receive a scholarship based on this ability, it is still important to mention and to list activities associated with his or her artistic abilities. 

Likewise, if in those artistic pursuits or other activities, your child is given a position of leadership, remember that this looks very good. Whether as captain of the soccer team or prima ballerina, these forms of leadership are excellent additions to an academic resume. 

Not only does community service and/or volunteering help to make your child a more compassionate person, it is also very well-received on college applications. The fact that your child has been willing to work hard for an organization without the enticement of money goes a long way. 

If your child learns another language and is able to fluently communicate in it, this is a step in the right direction. Universities enjoy having bilingual students as a part of their statistics, not to mention the other benefits of being multilingual. 

Lastly, universities are not only going to look for good grades. Instead, they will look for consistently good grades in challenging subject matter. A child who receives straight As and is taking classes like calculus, physics, and economics is going to be regarded more highly than a child who receives straight As in less challenging materials. 

While you are helping your child to reach academic excellence, do not forget the importance of ensuring he or she is eating well and receiving the nutrients and vitamins needed for active brains and active bodies. Check out our blog on foods for active children in order to become more familiar with some of the best options out there. 

If you feel your child is in need of some academic assistance to reach his or her full potential, remember that the tutoring staff at The Tutoring Center is ready to help. For tutoring in Hoover, be sure to contact us at (205) 987-9577.


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