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The Importance of Being More Involved in Your Child's Education

There is no doubt that parent involvement in a child's education incredibly boosts the child's academic performance and confidence.  Communication is an important part of being involved and it plays a big role in a student's academic achievements. Today, we want to focus on how to improve communication between your child and your child's teachers for better academic results.

How to Improve Communication and Become More Involved in Your Child´s Academic Life

  • Parent-teacher communication. Always make your best effort to meet with teachers regularly and ask about your child's struggles and progress. Talk to your child's teachers often and ask about your child's struggles and progress. Facilitate communication by providing them with more than one way to reach you, not just in cases of emergency, but also in the case of smaller situations that might need to be brought to your attention
  • Communicating with your child. Just like it is important to stay in communication with teachers, it is even more necessary to build a communicative relationship with your child. Make them feel comfortable talking to you about school and other situations by always listening attentively to what they have to say. Don't jump to conclusions or start offering advice right away. Rather, stay interested and calm no matter what your child decides to talk about, and at the end offer words of encouragement and advice. You should also encourage conversations with friendly questions and conversation starters.  Sometimes asking how their day was isn't enough to start a conversation, so it is important to ask more open-ended questions. You can ask about what they learned in school, if there are any new interesting classmates they met, or if there is a subject or activity they really enjoyed that day. Click here for more ideas on building stronger communication with your child and helping them do better in school.

Improve Academic Achievement With Tutoring in Hoover

Help and support your child by enrolling them in an excellent tutoring program. Tutoring programs allow students to get a better understanding of all school subjects all while improving their learning abilities. Let The Tutoring Center, Hoover AL help your child thrive academically. Call them at (205) 987-9577.


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