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Better Memory and Study Skills With Tutoring

Learning new vocabulary, remembering important historic dates and reciting all fifty states are all ways in which your child will have to use memory skills. Throughout your child´s academic life they will need to memorize many things. Tutoring helps students learn effective techniques that can help your child memorize the information they need to without struggling. This is why today we want to discuss a few of these tecniques and how to help your child apply them in their school work.

Simple Tecniques for Improved Memorization

One of the best ways to build up a child´s memory is to teach them that when they are trying to memorize they should create a connection to something that they can picture or grasp easily. This means that they give each item they are trying to memorize another angle or connection to something they can relate to. For memorizing new vocabulary it is best done through flashcards or pictures that illustrate the meaning of the word. They can also use chants or songs to remember historic dates. For other items, they can try to attach a mental image of something that represents what they are trying to learn. Let's say they are trying to memorize the last names of important characters, if one of them has a last name like Barker, they can create an image in their mind of that person barking. This will make the name pretty unforgettable. This is just one example of how children can use their imagination to create mental images of what they are trying to learn. These techniques will make the process much more fun and simple.

Productive Learning With Tutoring in Hoover

At The Tutoring Center in Hoover, we want to make learning fun and simple, so your child can learn productively without facing difficult struggles. Our Study Skills Enrichment Program can help your child learn crucial learning abilities necessary to succeed. Call us immediately at (205) 987-9577 and schedule a free assesment.


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