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The benefits of reading are countless - it improves the concentration, it enhances imagination and it expands the vocabulary, plus, it’s a fundamental ability demanded in the classroom.

Summer is the perfect chance for your children to grab a book, and  at the Tutoring Center in Hoover, we tell you how to do it!

Visit the Library

Take your children to the local library and allow them look for books that match their interests and hobbies; there are thousands of adventures waiting to be discovered in this place. The librarian can always recommend you great books, and some libraries have summer programs!

Set an Example

You are the main role of your children and they will tend to imitate your behaviors. Make sure to read in front of your children, or better yet, set a reading hour where each member of the family can enjoy a great book.

Get Involved

It’s important that you show interest in what your children are reading. Ask them about their favorite character, chapter or book. Remember that nowadays there are many reading options: comic books, graphic novels or even electronic books.

What you should Avoid 

Reading is an amazing activity, but you should never force your children to do it. Also, refrain from giving prices for every book they read - reading is already a reward by itself!

Reading is a great way to make the most of the vacations and it will prepare your children for the challenges the next school year has for them!

Summer tutoring is another way to get your children ready for school, especially if they are falling behind class. The Tutoring Center has a Geniuses in Training Reading Program that will enhance the reading abilities of your children, which will reflect in a greater confidence and better grades! Think about us, next time you are looking for tutoring in Hoover.

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