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How to Get Your Child Reading This Summer

If your child doesn't have plans for their summer break beyond sleeping in and spending time in front of the television, why not sneak in some summer reading? To get your child excited about reading practice, use these tips.

Set Reading Goals

Get your child to read this summer by helping them create reading goals as soon as their break starts. Your child can create solid goals for how many books they want to read each month so that they have a final result to work towards. It can help to create a visual chart that shows their progress towards the final goal they set. Celebrate milestones along the way to keep them motivated.

Read on Vacation

Heading out of town this summer on a family vacation? Not only can this be a lot of fun, but it's also a great way to get your child reading. Before your trip, put your child in charge of doing some of the research on your destination. For example, if you're heading out of the country, your child can look into what language is spoken where you're going, the culture, the food, and tourist attractions. To get them more excited about this, allow them to pick some fun things for the entire family to do together while on vacation.

Encourage All Sorts of Reading

Reading doesn't have to be a strictly academic activity. Over summer break, no matter what type of reading your child does, it can help fight off the summer slide. Instead of insisting that your child reads classic novels, allow them to figure out their own interests when it comes to reading. Whether they enjoy graphic novels, poetry books, historical novels, or anything in between, let them read what they enjoy so that they develop a love for the subject.

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