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How to Encourage Summer Learning

While your child may be looking forward to spending all summer in front of the television, they're bound to get bored at some point. Be ready to fill in these moments with some fun and educational lessons that will help your child fight the summer slide.

Math Practice

Most students will try to run the other way as soon as you mention math but making math fun can be easy. Instead of allowing your child to avoid all math this summer, look for fun ways to incorporate it into their days. Family game nights are the perfect way to do this. Just be sure to pick a board game where your child will be forced to practice basic skills like addition, subtraction, and money skills. If you're always on the go, look for fun games or math apps you can download to keep your child entertained on car rides or while running errands.

Science Experiments

Like math, science tends to be more challenging, making it easy for students to dislike it. This summer, change this attitude by introducing your child to fun science experiments. Something as simple as baking treats for your family can turn into a lesson on chemistry. You can also plant a garden in the backyard and use this to learn about the science behind how plants grow. Do your best to relate these lessons to your child's interests so that they enjoy them more.

Get Active

Most students want to spend their time indoors during the summer playing video games or just lounging. Unfortunately, this won't be any good for your child's health. Keep them moving by signing them up for an activity that gets their heart rate up, whether it's a dance class or joining a sports team. You can also go on family hikes or even just play ball in the yard, as long as your child is physically active every day.

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