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 Do you remember what your favorite thing to do was when it was hot?  Running under the sprinkler, of course!  In this post The Tutoring Center in Hoover will show you how you can expand on this staple of summertime fun and create an activity that can help to increase your child’s cognitive and problems solving skills. 

As your children play they naturally develop vital cognitive and problem solving skills - so why not make sure that your child is getting the most out of their play time and give their educational path a head start. 

Obstacle course

Using items and toys from around the house, with your children, design and build a basic obstacle course on the lawn. Challenges such as jumping over the sprinkler while running may seem basic, but as your child runs, their brain monitors their surroundings and calculates what their body will need for the upcoming obstacle.

Expand on this method by incorporating sections of the obstacle course that require your children to complete a small puzzle or math game. Small bursts of incidental learning can provide great opportunities for math help in a fun environment. And when you mix them with the energetic fun of running around the yard, your children don’t even realize they’re learning!

Get involved

Don’t be afraid to get involved. You’re never too young to run through a sprinkler! Interacting with your child as they learn is important, so why not find puzzles for adults and use these as you race alongside your children. Making the obstacles and puzzles progressively harder allows you to continue the theme of learning being fun as your child grows.

It is important for children to enjoy their learning, and activities like these are a great way for learn faster and get a competitive advantage. If this is something that interests you, our experts can provide reading, writing, and math help through one-to-one instruction or private tutoring in Hoover. Call us today at (205) 987-9577 for more information.


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