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Digging Deeper Into Nouns With Tutoring in Hoover

To help a child better understand parts of speech, it is important to explain to them that each different word falls under a specific category according to what the word represents. Nouns are one of the first categories that need to be learned, but there are different types of nouns and each deserves its own explanation. We previously mentioned the two most common types of nouns, and today, at The Tutoring Center in Hoover we want to continue to explain the different types of nouns that we might encounter.

More Types of Nouns That Your Child Needs to Learn

  • Concrete nouns. The things that can be perceived by your five senses can be considered concrete nouns. Examples: cup, paper, glue, puppy.
  • Abstract nouns. This type of noun cannot be perceived by your five senses. They usually include emotions, attributes, concepts and events. For example, pride, brilliance, information, and hospitality.
  • Collective nouns. When a word refers to a group of persons, things or animals it is known as a collective noun. Examples: band (group of musicians), collection (of books), flock (of birds)
  • Count nouns. These nouns can be used in a plural or singular form and are words that can be counted. For example, you can say I have a pencil or you can say I have two pencils. The word pencil is a count noun. Other examples: restaurant, dogs, table.
  • Noncount nouns. Anything that can´t be counted is considered a noncount noun. Noncount nouns must always be in singular and need ¨counters¨ to measure or state their amount. Sentence examples: Serve some rice on the side. Add a cup of milk.  Buy a pound of flour. The words rice, milk, and flour are noncount nouns because they must always be in singular form and cannot be counted. These words need a ¨counter¨such as: some, cup, and pound in order to be quantified.

Learn Grammar in the Best Way With Tutoring in Hoover

At first it may be tricky to learn to catalog the different types of nouns, but it becomes easier with practice. Tutoring offers the best solutions to many of the struggles children face with grammar and other subjects. At The Tutoring Center in Hoover our qualified staff always provides the best advice, practical guidance, and interesting activities, so that your child can better grasp the material. Contact us today at (205) 987-9577.


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