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How to Increase Mental Math Skills

Most students aren't fond of math because it can often present some serious challenges. If the mere mention of math makes your child go into a panic, use these tips to help them improve their mental math skills and conquer their fear of the subject.

Play Math Related Games

Practicing math isn't something that most students look forward to, but approaching it in a more fun and casual manner can make all the difference. Instead of having your child practice problems from their textbook, look for fun math apps and games you can download onto your phone or tablet. These will make practicing math skills a lot more enjoyable and less intimidating. What's even better is that they can do this during their downtime, when they're running errands with you, during a road trip, and any other time.

Look for Math Books

Math books are the perfect tool for students who love to read but maybe don't love math. Look for books that tell a story but incorporate math as part of the tale. Read with your child and stop to solve the math problems as they come up. Your child will be more motivated to solve the problems quickly in order to get back to their reading.

Memorize Basic Math Functions

Although memorization isn't alway recommended when it comes to academics, there are times when it's more than ok. For example, if your child is learning their multiplication tables, memorizing these will prove to be a huge help. To help your child recall the answer to basic multiplication problems quickly, introduce them to timed tests that will make them think fast and accurately.

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