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Help Your Child With Their Class Presentation

If your child has never been fond of class presentations, they're not alone. Many students don't like the idea of public speaking and therefore do their best to avoid it. Since they won't be able to avoid this forever, teach them these simple tips to make their next presentation a breeze.

Make It Eye-Catching

A presentation should get the attention of everyone in the room, so having a great visual aid is a must. If your child is preparing slides that will be projected in the classroom, give them some guidelines before they start. Their slides should include minimal text so that they are visually appealing. They should also include things like graphs, charts, and images that can illustrate the information in a more visual manner. The text that is included should be readable from a distance, so make it big and use a font that is clear.

Be Assertive

The way your child presents themselves can also influence how well their presentation goes. Remind your child to stand up straight and move confidently in order to get the attention of their classmates. Standing behind a desk or podium can make it seem like they're hiding so encourage them to use the space they're given. Finally, practice your child's delivery. Their voice should sound confident and strong. To achieve this, work on getting the volume just right, their speed perfect, and their emphasis right.

Practice Makes Perfect

Practice can make all the difference, so have your family gather around and be a practice audience for your child. The more your child practices, the more comfortable they'll become with the presentation as a whole. This can make it much easier and less scary to stand up in front of their classmates and present their work.

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