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Fairy tales can transport your children to magical destinations and also get them ready for bedtime. Fairy tales can also help improve their learning abilities, here’s how. We usually read fairy tales to children to keep them entertained or to get them to fall asleep. But there are so many significant benefits that these stories can provide to your children. Perks such as helping them become better learners and avid readers. Yes, those magical make-believe tales can improve your youngsters learning abilities. Want to know how? Keep on reading this article. Interest in different cultures: Most stories take place in faraway kingdoms all over the world. As children read these tales, they learn about other cultures and people. This new knowledge can spark an interest in learning more. Perhaps they’re reading The Sword in the Stone, and they develop an interest in knights. Maybe Mulan makes them want to learn more about China. All it takes is a spark to ignite learning. Inspire them to write: In fairy tales, anything can happen. Those fantastic and incredible situations serve as inspiration for your children’s imagination. They just might be inspired enough to start writing stories of their own. Develop critical thinking skills: Children can sometimes begin to think what they would do if they were in the character’s position. Would they eat the witch’s apple? Would they build a straw or a brick home? They start to think about the possibilities beyond the story and how they would change it. They begin to become critical thinkers.

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If your children are struggling with their reading skills, tutoring in Hoover can help them fall in love with reading and master the skill. Call The Tutoring Center, Hoover AL at 205-987-9577 to learn about their tutoring programs.  


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