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Encourage Your Child to Develop a Healthy Reading Habit

Reading is a great habit for children to develop at a young age. Not only is this activity educational, it can also be lots of fun. To help your child become a lifelong reader, use these tips to get them more interested in books.

Create a Reading Schedule

To ensure that your child reads daily, come up with a reading routine you both can follow. Remember that if you want your child to do something, you have to set the right example. You can read the newspaper together over breakfast or spend some time after dinner silently reading in the living room. Doing this activity together can help your child adjust to it much more easily. Whatever you decide, just be sure you both stick to it.

Read for Fun

Many students claim to not like reading because they're never encouraged to read things they like. If the majority of your child's reading is made up of school lessons and textbooks, it's pretty easy to see why they don't enjoy it. To turn this around, take your child to the local library and allow them to pick out books, magazines, and graphic novels that interest them. Allowing them to pick out their own reading material will get them much more excited to read.

Include Technology

Nowadays, most children just want to spend time on their tablet or phone. If you're trying to get your child to read, this can turn into a problem. However, by introducing them to an e-reader, they may be more willing to give reading a shot. An e-reader combines the technology your child loves so much with reading, so it's a win-win situation.

Reading Tutoring in Hoover, AL

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