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What to Ask at a Parent-Teacher Conference

As parent-teacher conferences approach, you may start to wonder how to prepare to make the most of your time. Knowing what questions you want to ask while at your meeting will help ensure no time is wasted. Not sure what sorts of things to ask? Below are some suggestions that can get you on the right track.

Ask About Your Child's Performance

You may think you know how your child is performing at school based on what you see at home, but this isn't always accurate. Your best bet is to ask the teacher about your child's performance while at school and while in the classroom. Your child may be doing better or worse than you anticipated, but it's best to get this information from the teacher.

Ask About Assessments

Chances are your child goes through standardized tests and assessments every year. They may stress over them without really knowing what they're for. If you don't yourself what these assessments mean or what they're used for, this is the perfect time to ask and understand the implications of them. Don't worry if these tests aren't for a while. Knowing what they're used for can help you better prepare for them.

Ask How You Can Help at Home

Having this information clear can help you get a better understanding of the path your child is on. If they're struggling somewhere or if you simply want to ensure they stay academically engaged, ask their teacher how you can help at home. They may have some very useful suggestions that will help your child reach their goals this school year.

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The Tutoring Center, Hoover AL is a great option for students who want to perform at their best this school year. Whether your child is falling behind or needs some help staying engaged, tutoring in Hoover is a great option. To learn more, give their tutors a call at (205) 987-9577!


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