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Tips to Prepare for the New School Year

As the summer comes to a close, your child is probably dreading the start of the new school year. To make this transition back to school much easier, use these tips to help them prepare.

Set Clear Goals

Starting the new school year without clear goals means your child won't be working towards anything concrete. To start them off on the right path, sit down with them before their first day of school to solidify some specific goals that will keep them on track. This can be anything from the grades they want to achieve to making the varsity soccer team.

Get Organized

Start the school year on the right foot by getting your child organized before school even starts. Give them a planner so that they have an easier time keeping track of homework assignments, encourage them to use a calendar to keep track of important deadlines and extracurricular activities, and get any other organization tools that may help keep their backpack tidy. Paperclips, binders, and folders can all help keep papers in order and prevent them from ending up crumpled at the bottom of their backpack.

Finish Summer Homework

If your child was assigned summer homework, check in to make sure it's actually getting done. If your child hasn't quite started working on it, now is the time to come up with a plan to ensure it gets done on time. Summer reading and other assignments must get done otherwise your child will start the school year already behind.

After School Tutoring in Hoover, AL

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