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Tips to Reduce Your Child's Screen Time

Many students don't go through an entire day without spending some time on a cellphone, tablet, laptop, television, and other screens. While you may not think too much about this, spending all day in front of a screen can come with negative repercussions. To ensure your child spends some time away from their screens, use these tips.

Make Electronics a Reward

A great way to limit the time your child spends in front of a screen is by making their electronics a reward. Instead of allowing them to turn on their video games as soon as they get home, make these a reward that they have access to once they complete their homework.You can set different rewards for different tasks. Set rewards for completed chores, studying, and other activities that require their full attention.

Set Screen-Free Zones

Making parts of your home screen-free zones can also help your child cut back on the amount of time they spend absorbed in their electronics. If your child tends to get distracted by their phone notifications while they're doing homework, make their study space a screen-free zone. The dinner table is also another area that can benefit from being a screen-free zone. Make sure that your whole family sticks to these rules so that your child doesn't feel singled out.

Set the Right Example at Home

If you're trying to reduce your child's screen time, it's not a bad idea to also be more aware of how often you get disrated by your electronics. Do your best to set the right example for your child by not allowing your work email distract you from conversations and look for other activities you can do instead of zoning out in front of the television.

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