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Working Memory Improves With Tutoring

Lately, we have been discussing memorization and learning abilities  that are part of the foundation for doing well in school. This brings us to a very important term: working memory. Our working memory is excruciatingly necessary in order to fully develop all other learning abilities and  to properly progress academically. Today at The Tutoring Center in Hoover, we want to talk about what working memory is and why it is so necessary.

What is Working Memory?

There are two main categories for memorization and information storage, there is long term memory and short term memory. Working memory forms part of the short-term memory category. Working memory is in charge of allowing us to grasp the information for use. Basically, it is called working memory because it is the area that deals with being able to work with the material that is absorbed and put it to use. This means that working memory is not exactly memorizing, rather it is the ability to keep the information needed easily accessible and ready to be used.

Why a Good Working Memory is Important

Without good working memory even simple tasks can appear to be very challenging. Retelling events, describing things, or even following a long conversation can seem difficult. Even more difficult is being able to do well in school and be able to perform well in school subjects such as math. For example, word problems require an elevated use of working memory because they require that the amounts be remembered while also thinking of the equation that is needed. This information will then be put to use by selecting the amounts and relevant information needed while also recalling the order of the equation.

Better Working Memory With Tutoring in Hoover

Improving a low working memory in students is not hard, but it requires practice and the right guidance. That is why tutoring plays such an important role in improving the education and learning abilities of your child. Contact The Tutoring Center in Hoover today at (205) 987-9577.


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