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It’s easy to dismiss journals given how often they’re portrayed in movies and music as filled with nothing but lovelorn teen love poetry. In actuality, keeping a journal can positively impact your child’s life in a number of ways, and The Tutoring Center in Hoover would love to let you know how.

It’s great reading and writing practice

Encouraging your child to keep a journal will provide them with lots of writing practice. Consider asking them to write to prompts (‘places I’d love to go’, ‘my favorite animals’, etc.) to target their practice. Suggest that they read back over what they’ve written in previous days and weeks in order to get some valuable reading practice, and to identify mistakes they made in their past writing. For younger children, journaling is a great way to practice their fine motor skills even if it’s just by doodling.

Their journal can be an emotional outlet

Dealing with negative emotions is an inevitable part of life, especially during childhood. It’s important that your child has ways to help them deal with any anger, guilt or sadness they may be feeling, and a journal can do just this. The act of writing about one’s feelings can be very cathartic, and it also offers your child the opportunity to think through their feelings and how best to tackle them. Venting and working through their emotions can help children deal with anything from low self-esteem to managing bullies at school.

Creativity is good for the brain

Journaling provides lots of opportunities for creative expression, be it creative writing, drawing or painting. Creative activities have been shown to activate many areas of the brain simultaneously, encouraging the brain to grow new cells and form new neural networks, improving cognitive function in general.

Diaries are great memory aids

The act of remembering what they have done that day is a good memory exercise for your child, especially if they really try to write down what they’ve experienced in as much detail as possible. Encourage them to write down what they’ve done every day and your child will have a photographic memory in no time!

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