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Math is an important skill for your child to learn, both academically and in terms of day-to-day life. That’s why The Tutoring Center in Hoover is presenting this guide to engaging your child in learning math.

Be Positive

A positive approach is paramount for engaging your child; if they see you enjoying math with confidence and a smile then they are likely to follow suit. Make sure your child feels empowered to use their math skills!

Encourage Independence

Working with your child is a great way to get to know how they are progressing, areas in which they may need help, and so forth. When working together, you may be tempted to jump in with answers when your child appears to be struggling. Remember, however, that taking a step back and allowing them to reach answers and tackle problems independently will benefit them hugely in the long run.

Involve Math in Everyday Life

Your child might be under the impression that math is just sheets of abstract problems. You can ensure your child realises how useful math really is by involving it in everyday life and in fun activities; try baking with your child and focusing on the weights and measures, or ask your child to help you work out the total cost of your grocery shopping.

Now that your child is a math wizard, consider looking at our guide to encouraging children to read to keep giving your child the best opportunities to learn and have fun.

Expert Assistance
To make sure your child is not just enjoying math, but is receiving all the support they need to perform at their best, call The Tutoring Center in Hoover at (205) 987-9577 to arrange a free diagnostic assessment. This will identify any areas in which your child may benefit from a little extra help, and our expert tutors can provide that help using methods such as the Geniuses in Training Math Programs.


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