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Now that finals are just around the corner, it’s probable that you’ll need some study techniques to memorize all of the information that will be on your tests. Mnemonics can be helpful in this regard, since they are different devices that allow you to recall important information. However, if you aren’t sure what mnemonics techniques you can use, you should give the ones mentioned below a try.

  1. Acronyms are the most common mnemonic devices. You just take the first letter(s) of each word in a phrase that you need to memorize, and create a new word or phrase that’ll help you remember it. 
  2. Another technique you can use is relating the information you need to memorize with other information that you already know. This way, you can ensure that those important lessons won’t slip your mind.
  3. Making up songs with lyrics related to the concepts that you need to study can also help you learn more successfully (especially if you’re an auditory learner). The ABC song, for instance, is an example of this device.
  4. If, on the other hand, you’re more responsive to visual stimuli, you can draw pictures that encompass the material that you should study. Tying it all together with different shapes, colors and arrangements will allow you to recall it.
  5. This last mnemonic technique can work best for those who are kinesthetic learners. Basically, you need to use your body and sense of touch to learn better. For example, using your knuckles to know how many days are in a month.

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