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How to Help Your Child in School

Being a parent can be a challenge, but a wondrous joy. The role you take in your child's education will help define their attitude and performance. Here are some ways you can make your influence a positive one.

Build Responsibility

Make sure your children understand the consequences of their actions and take responsibility for them. If she studies for her test, she gets a good grade and a reward. If she sleeps late, she misses breakfast.

Encourage Learning

Take every opportunity you can to teach your child. Ask her what change you will get at the store, and let her keep it if she gets it right. Have him start a collection, which will teach him a new way of seeing the world. Talk about geography by finding places on the globe where your everyday household products are made.

Build Self-Esteem

Help your child feel good about herself. Compliment and encourage always. Brag about her to others and let her hear. Teach her about her family and ethnic history by taking her to see distant family members and sites. Ask her to make a book about herself. The more she knows about herself, the more confident she can be.

Responsible Living

If your child leaves things around without putting them up, instill discipline with a "black hole," a locked closet where you put things that are not where they should be. If a favorite toy or something your child needs is locked away for 24 hours, it will help remind her to put her things away. Have the whole family participate.

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