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We here at The Tutoring Center in Houston recently offered a little advice on engaging reluctant readers and today we’d like to offer some similar tips, this time on motivating your child when it comes to math.

Give a good example

If your child hears you say a math problem is too hard for you or that you don’t like math, they’re likely to think that the subject is too difficult or daunting for them. If, on the other hand, they see you approaching math problems with a positive and confident attitude then they’re likely to do the same. It’s surprising how much children model their behavior on that of their parents, so take advantage of this!

Lend a hand

Having you around to help with particularly difficult problems, to provide reassurance and to prompt them to work if they get distracted can really help make your child’s study sessions that much more effective. This is especially true of younger children who haven’t yet developed the discipline necessary to stay focused during independent study. It’s important that you strike a balance between helping your child and simply solving their problems for them, as they do need to learn how to do the work for themselves. Rather than giving answers, try to talk through the concepts underlying the problems they’re solving to develop your child’s deeper conceptual understanding.

Provide a study space

If your child isn’t keen on math, they’re likely to get distracted very easily when it comes to studying. One way to minimize distractions is to provide an appropriate study space in your home. Find a quiet area and supply a desk and a comfy chair, make sure it’s well-lit, they have access to any supplies they may need, and make sure to keep it a TV/computer/cell phone-free zone.

Offer rewards

If your child has worked really hard lately, consider rewarding their efforts to show you appreciate their behavior. Rewards certainly don’t need to be monetary or even material, instead you could take them to get their favorite food or on a trip to a museum. Avoid promising rewards in the future, as this may encourage your child to work only for the reward and to expect rewards in future; any reward should be a pleasant surprise for them.

If you feel your child could benefit from a little extra support with their math, The Tutoring Center are here to help. Our Geniuses in Training Math Program is purpose-built to iron out any issues your child may have with the subject. Call 713-589-7061 to organize tutoring in Houston today.


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