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Learning a musical instrument can be great fun, and musicianship is a wonderful talent, but these are far from the only benefits you and your child can accrue from this activity. Today, The Tutoring Center in Hoover would like to let you know about a few of the cognitive gains learning a musical instrument can bring.

It promotes brain growth

A 2003 study by Harvard neurologist Gottfried Schlaug showed that musicians’ brains showed significantly more development in areas responsible for memory and motor function than the brains of their non-musical peers. These findings have been backed up and augmented by more recent studies that have also established that learning an instrument stimulates growth of the corpus callosum, the part of the brain that links the two hemispheres, leading to some of the following benefits.

It improves memory

Tests demonstrate that musicians are more adept at creating and recalling memories than non-musicians, and this is especially true of verbal memory. That’s great news for students that need to learn a lot of information at school, as much of it is delivered via spoken lessons or lectures.

It improves executive function

‘Executive function’ simply refers to problem-solving, planning, and other similar mental work, and you’ll be pleased to learn that musicians are demonstrably better at all of these. Musicians have been found to be more able to switch between tasks fluidly and ignore irrelevant stimuli when focusing on a particular task. We need not explain how useful that could be when it comes to studying!

It kill stress, lifts mood and builds character

Playing an instrument has been found to promote production of mood-enhancing, stress-busting endorphins in the brain, so it’s a great way for your child to blow off steam and work through any negative feelings. The dedication and grit required to practice hard and become skilled at an instrument are transferable to academic work, too, and a good work ethic is the first and most important step toward becoming a great student.

If your child is learning a musical instrument alongside their studies and other extracurricular activities, they’ll need to ensure they have good time management skills in order to stay on top of everything. The Tutoring Center offer help with study skills as well as our Geniuses in Training academic programs, so don’t hesitate to call (205) 987-9577 to arrange tutoring in Hoover today.


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