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The new school year started and it’s filled with many responsibilities and challenges - you are always looking for ways to provide your children with the tools they need for their success, and a good start is in an often neglected place: their backpacks. 

Having an organized backpack will not only help your children systematize their school material, but it will also avoid any future health problems. For this reason, at The Tutoring Center in Hoover, we would like to tell you some useful ideas. 

Health Problems 

Cramming all the school supplies, heavy books and notebooks into a backpack may seem like the easiest answer to avoid forgetting something at home. However, it’s not recommended that your children carry more than 15% of their weight on their bags. Otherwise, they can develop a poor posture which can lead to back strains.


It’s very possible that your children didn’t open their backpacks during the whole summer. Empty it and remove any debris you may find! Follow the care instructions to clean it or choose whether you should buy a new one or not. Get together with your children and decide which school material is still useful.


Now that you know which subjects your child will be taking, buy folders and assign a color for each field. That way it will be easier for your children to find their material. Plus, create a study space where they study and can leave their books and notebooks after school. Also, buy a pencil bag for their other school supplies.   

Other Tips

To avoid other injuries, your children should always use both shoulder straps. Don’t forget to provide your children with a daily planner so you can supervise their other activities and school deadlines. 

You definitely want to give your children all the advantages you can during this new school year and helping them organize their backpack is one small, but important step. Don’t forget this guide to prepare your children for back to school.  
Remember that if your children struggled during last school year, you can do something to help them. At The Tutoring Center in Hoover, our academic programs are designed to provide our students with the skills and abilities the classroom demands. 

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