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In a previous post, we told you all about how to stay organized in school. Notebooks are one of the most essential school supplies since, as their name states, that’s where you keep your notes, a valuable resource for your study sessions. This is why, on this occasion, The Tutoring Center in Hoover will focus on a few tips you can follow to keep your notebooks organized.

How to Keep an Organized Notebook 

One for Each

First, make sure to have one notebook and folder for each subject. This way, you’ll make sure that all of your notes are organized and in the right place.

Use It Appropriately

Now, the reason you have a notebook for each subject is for you to keep your lessons separated. Avoid mixing up the subjects in your notebook!

Put Your Name on It

Again, a notebook is where you keep all of your lessons, so you shouldn’t lose it! Put your name, grade and subject on each one in case you misplace it.

Label It Correctly

Make sure each page has the date and the title of the lesson you’re going through in it. This will make studying a lot easier because you won’t be wondering where your notes are.

Use Colors, Sticky Notes, Bookmarks and Highlighters

Use accent colors, sticky notes, bookmarks and highlighters to make reminders and particularly important information stand out in your notebook.

Keep it Clean

Doodles, mistakes, bad penmanship and all around dirtiness can be very distracting and may even stress you out when the time to study comes. Keep your notebook as clean as possible. 

Say No to Loose Papers

Try your best not to rip pages from your notebook and avoid keeping loose papers in it (this is what folders are for) as this can increase your chances of losing them!

Number the Pages and Create an Index

If you want to take your organization a bit further, you can also number each page and make an index at the end of the notebook so you know exactly where the content of each lesson is.

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