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How to Get Your Child More Excited About Math

Because math tends to be a tough subject for most students, it's not surprising that many of them do their best to avoid it. However, it's important that your child not only does their math assignments but also practices their skills beyond math...

Identify Your Child's Distractors

Many students struggle to keep their attention on their homework or study material. While this isn't uncommon, it can turn into a serious time waster. To help your child make the most of their study time, help them remove their biggest distractors.



Help Your Child Develop a Healthy Sleep Routine

If your children love to sleep, that's great! Getting enough sleep every night is important for everyone but may be even more so for growing students. To learn more about why sleep is so important and how to ensure your child gets the right amount,...

What to Look for in a Tutor

If you've decided tutoring is a must for your child, you still have a bit of work to do. To start, you need to do a bit of research before enrolling your child in just any tutoring program. Do some reading on what each program offers and also ensure that the tutors...
Fairy tales can transport your children to magical destinations and also get them ready for bedtime. Fairy tales can also help improve their learning abilities, here’s how. We usually read fairy tales to children to keep them entertained or to get them to fall asleep. But there are so many...
A good workout can be great for your child’s mental and physical health. Learn about some of the mental benefits of being involved in some physical activity.

Exercise Can Make Better Learners

Is exercise part of your children’s extra-curricular activities? It should be! Exercise is a great way...

Oral Reading Tips

Your child's ability to read effectively is made up of a number of reading skills that all work together. One of these skills is their ability to read fluently. If your child avoids having to read aloud in class because their fluency isn't great, these tips can help them...

Strategies That Can Help Your Child Improve Their Mental Math Skills

Most children aren't fond of mental math, especially when they have a trusty calculator on their cellphone, tablet, and computer. But, what are they going to do when they have to take a test that doesn't allow them to use a...

Ways to Encourage Math Love at Home

Math is a tough subject, which may explain why so many students simply don't enjoy it. Unfortunately, math is also one of the most important subjects for your child to master. To help instill a love of math in your child, use these tips.

Practice Math Early On


Signs That Indicate Your Child Needs a Math Tutor

Most students will struggle with a math assignment from time to time because, to put it simply, math is hard. A few struggles here and there are normal, but if your child is always having a hard time, they may need extra help. To decide if your...


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