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Starting the School Year in a New School

Transitioning to a new school can be scary. Whether it is just a new school or your child is moving up a grade level and going from elementary to middle school or to high school, it can be tough. The transition can be nerve wracking, but you can help your...

How to Help Your Child Have a Positive Back-to-School Experience

Starting the school year is a new and fun experience that both parents and students go through every year. It can vary from year to year and sometimes it means a big transition, such as starting middle school or beginning high...

Teach Your Child to Be More Productive

Although the summer is all about fun it doesn't mean you can't be productive during these last weeks of break. This is especially true now that it is necessary to recognize that the upcoming school year is closing in. With that in mind, we'd like to share...

Get Ready for School Before Summer Vacation is Over

Most of us are still enjoying the breathing room and relaxed atmosphere of the summer. Yet, before we know it, summer vacation will be over. Since we still have a few more weeks left before school starts, it is the perfect time to think about...
Summer is officially here! This means a great load of fun, but it also means that we need to pay more attention to what we do with our time. At The Tutoring Center, Hoover AL, we want to discuss why the summer is the perfect time to show your kids that learning and fun can go hand in hand.



A Thrilling Summer Activity That Will Get Your Child Thinking

Contrary to what many believe, educational activities are not necessarily boring or mentally exhausting. Rather, they can be incredibly fun and very stimulating for your child's mind. Today we want to share a summer activity that will...

 An Introduction to Nouns by The Tutoring Center in Hoover

It is important to start with basic foundations that will facilitate the understanding and learning of more advanced grammar concepts. Since learning about parts of speech is one of the fundamental foundations of English...

Digging Deeper Into Nouns With Tutoring in Hoover

To help a child better understand parts of speech, it is important to explain to them that each different word falls under a specific category according to what the word represents. Nouns are one of the first categories that need to be learned,...

Working Memory Improves With Tutoring

Lately, we have been discussing memorization and learning abilities  that are part of the foundation for doing well in school. This brings us to a very important term: working memory. Our working memory is excruciatingly necessary in order to fully develop...
We previously shared some information about memorization techniques and other factors that can help improve a student´s ability to memorize information. Since having a healthy and active memory is incredibly important for everyday tasks and academic performance, we thought we would pick up on the...


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