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Science Help: Glossary of Terms

Preparing your child for the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics) world that will face them as adults does not need to be a challenge. Here are a few terms your child should know. Test your children yourself and ask for examples where...

Is the SAT or ACT the Better Test for You?

Most universities will accept scores from both the SAT or the ACT. The differences between them play to different strengths. Knowing these differences will help you decide which test allows you to put your best foot forward. Use this guide to...

Acing Your Exam's Essay

Mid-terms are just around the corner, so it is time to brush up on test-taking strategies. Here are some tips for making your essay questions a little less difficult.

Know the Question

You first need to understand the question and what it is asking you to do. Identify the...

Avoiding the Winter Break Slide

We all remember how much fun winter break was- sleeping in, playing in the snow, spending hours with TV and video games while the parents were at work. While a bit of play over the break is fine, it is important to not overdo it. Here are a few tips and activities...

How to Help Your Child in School

Being a parent can be a challenge, but a wondrous joy. The role you take in your child's education will help define their attitude and performance. Here are some ways you can make your influence a positive one.

Build Responsibility

Make sure your...

Active Parents Make Successful Students

It is very important to be involved in your child's education, and not just as a passive participant at parent-teacher meetings. Here are some steps you can take that are proven to improve your child's performance in school.

Making Time for Your Child


Help with Composition: Punctuation Rules

Here are some rules of punctuation you should follow on your next writing assignment.

Using Colons

A colon is like saying "that is to say." Use it to introduce a series of items, as in "I brought a lot of food: sandwiches, chips, hamburgers, and hot dogs."...

Helpful Math Concepts

Here are a few math concepts it helps to remember as you advance in your math studies.

Vertical Angles

When two lines intersect to form an X, the angles formed opposite each other are called vertical angles. The two adjacent angles will always add up to 180 degrees. The...

Algebra Help: Using the Quadratic Formula

Use the quadratic formula to solve single-variable, second order polynomials, where the highest exponent is 2. These are a specific kind of equation called quadratic equations written in the form ax^2+bx+c=0. This article will build upon our previous post...

Help with Composition: The Parts of an Essay

An essay consists of three basic parts- an introduction, the body, and the conclusion. Each section plays an important role. This article will tell you how to structure an essay so you have all the pieces performing their role.


The first...


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