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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The holidays are perfect to get together with the people you love, eat delicious food and create precious memories together. However, during this blissful time, you should also make sure that your child engages in activities that keep their mind active! If you like this idea, try the tips The Tutoring Center in Hoover has for you.

How to Have a Productive Winter Break

Stick to a Routine

There needs to be some structure to your child’s days off. Don’t let them sleep in too late and ensure they keep a healthy eating schedule. Remember that if they don’t stick to a routine, it’ll just make going back to school that much harder. 

Go Through Their Notes

Even during just a few weeks off school, your child can forget some of the concepts they learned if they don’t practice them. That’s why you should advise them to review their notes a few days before school starts back up again.

Read & Write

Two great hobbies to keep your child’s mind active over the break are reading and writing. They’re both excellent options since they can be fun and they help them practice grammar, vocabulary and more. 

Take Field Trips

Going out on educational field trips to the museum, zoo or library once in a while can encourage your child to learn more about the world. Plus, they also present a great bonding opportunity for your family.

Play Games

You may think that they’re a waste of time, but there are some games out there that help improve your child’s problem solving skills, strategic thinking, and more. Jigsaw puzzles and chess, for example, keep your child’s mind sharp while they have fun.

Stay Active

Doing some kind of physical activity (even if it’s indoors because of the cold) can do wonders for your child’s brain. Jumping rope, stretching or dancing around are some things they can do to help their mind stay on point.

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