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Science Help: Glossary of Terms

Preparing your child for the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics) world that will face them as adults does not need to be a challenge. Here are a few terms your child should know. Test your children yourself and ask for examples where appropriate.
  • Accuracy- the properties of a measuring instrument.
  • Adhesive- a sticky substance, like glue.
  • Amphibians- animals that live in water and land. They generally have smooth, moist skin and lay eggs in water. Frogs and salamanders are well-known examples.
  • Apparatus- equipment used to carry out an experiment.
  • Atom- the smallest unit of matter that can exist and be part of a chemical reaction. Atomic is the adjective form.
  • Battery- a number of electrical cells connected in a series to give a higher voltage than a single cell.
  • Bedrock- solid rock immediately beneath the earth's surface soil.
  • Biodegradable- material that decays relatively quickly after its use.
  • Gas- a state of matter in which the particles move really fast and are very spread out.
  • Habitat- the natural home of a plant or animal.
  • Herbivores- animals that eat only plants. Nature's vegetarians include panda bears, horses, and cows.
  • Insoluble- a solid that cannot transform into a liquid.
  • Insulator- something that stops electricity, heat, or sound from passing through.
  • Joule- a unit of measurement of energy or work.
  • Keratin- a fiber protein found in hair and nails.
  • Kinetic energy- the energy found in moving things.
  • Liquid- a state of matter in which particles are close together, but randomly arranged so that they can move over each other.
  • Melting point- the temperature at which a solid turns to a liquid.

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