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Is the SAT or ACT the Better Test for You?

Most universities will accept scores from both the SAT or the ACT. The differences between them play to different strengths. Knowing these differences will help you decide which test allows you to put your best foot forward. Use this guide to help you decide.

ACT is More Direct

SAT questions will require you to think a bit about what they are asking. ACT questions, on the other hand, are generally easier to understand. If you prefer the questions to be more straightforward, consider taking the ACT.

SAT is Vocabulary Heavy

The SAT is very heavy on vocabulary knowledge. If you feel strong in this area, the SAT may be the better test for you.

The ACT Tests Science

The ACT has a science section, while the SAT does not. It is not a test of scientific knowledge as much a test of understanding of scientific data. If science is your strong-point, you may want to consider the ACT.

Differences in Math

On the ACT, you will find trigonometry problems, and you will not find the formulas that the SAT gives you at the front of the test. Some say that this makes the ACT's math section more difficult.

Voluntary Writing Section?

The ACT’s writing section is voluntary, though most universities require it. If the schools you are applying to do not require you to submit a writing score, you can opt for the ACT and avoid the extra hurdle. Be aware that both tests report the writing score separately. The SAT writing section comes first, while the ACT’s is done at the end. If test fatigue will be an issue for you, the SAT’s format may be the choice for you.


The SAT is broken up into 10 sections, while the ACT is done in big blocks. If brain fatigue is an issue, or you have difficulty focusing for long periods of time, the structure of the SAT may be better for you.

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