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How to Make Your Morning Routine More Efficient

School mornings can turn into a chaotic rush pretty quickly. In order to get rid of the chaos and get out the door on time without much of a struggle, use these tips.

Get Ready the Night Before

Do as much as you can to get ready the night before. Your child should include things like packing their backpack and their lunchbox in their bedtime routine so that these items are ready to go in the morning. This way they won't be running around the house looking for their homework or notebooks. It can also be a huge help to choose an outfit the night before so that this doesn't consume their time in the morning.

Catch Plenty of Z's

Sleep doesn't just help your child's concentration at school, although this is very important. It can also make their mornings smoother. Instead of being cranky and groggy from not getting enough sleep, your child will be more efficient and focused as they get ready to start the school day.

Encourage Independence

Everyone is busy doing their own thing and getting ready for their own day in the morning. Because of this, it's important to teach your child to be independent and do what they can on their own. You can create a visual chart to help your youngster through their morning routine, from getting up and brushing their teeth to grabbing their backpack and lunchbox before heading out the door.

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