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How to Start Encouraging Your Child to Go to College

It is never too early to start introducing your child to the idea of college. This summer is the perfect opportunity to start helping your child be college-bound no matter what their age. The following tips can help you get started.

Tips to Encourage Your Child to Go to College

  • Don't talk about college as a far off goal. Time passes by fast.  Let your child know that everything they do today counts. Encourage them to take leadership roles in school that can get them closer to their goals. Also, enroll them in extracurricular activities, but be careful to not overdo this.
  • The key is to encourage them but not overwhelm them or burn them out. Instead, help your child find areas that interest them and let them lead. For example, if your child says they want to be a chef, enroll them in cooking classes or encourage them to join a cooking club and participate in activities around this.
  • Make sure you not only point out the benefits of attending college but also what a great experience it can be. Talk about college with excitement and answer any doubts or questions your child may have about this.
  • Talking about college is good but there is nothing like showing your child around one. Use this summer as an opportunity to visit different college campuses and get your child excited about attending one.

Help Your Child Be College Bound with Tutoring in Hoover AL

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