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As a parent of a young and growing child, we are sure you are aware of how crucial it is to ensure he or she has the nutrient rich foods that are needed in growth, and to support activity! However, perhaps you find yourself with little time, or with a selective eater in your home. The Tutoring Center in Hoover would like to suggest a few superfoods, their properties, as well as some suggestions as to how to prepare them. These foods are specifically great for dinner time, and some of them can even be hidden within more traditional meals. 

Spinach is completely packed with things children need for active and healthy growth. It contains vitamins A and C, as well as being a great source of iron and calcium. It is also amazingly versatile, but for our purposes at dinner time, spinach can put into spaghetti, somewhat hidden by the sauce or used as a side item on its own, cooked in a bit of olive oil or boiled in water. 

Avocados are the main ingredient in delicious guacamole. You can use vegetables or a healthy option of chips in order to dip. We suggest trying it out with cucumbers and peppers. Avocado is great in helping prevent constipation due to its high fiber content so feeding this to your child at dinner, rather than lunch, is probably the best option. 

Sweet Potatoes are fantastic. They provide us with B, C, and E vitamins. They are also a great source of potassium, preventing muscle cramps and dehydration for our active children.  You can prepare a sweet potato as you would a regular potato and bake it, you may also put it in a soup, or, even make sweet potato fries. They are as easily prepared as standard french fries and go just as well with ketchup. 

Salmon is an exceedingly healthy type of fish. You’ll find omega 3 fatty acids and an improved mood when eating salmon! If possible you’ll want to invest in wild salmon as it is the best stored and does not contain additives. As for the preparation, if you have a child that genuinely enjoys fish then you may be able to simply bake, broil, or grill it. However, for those more selective eaters you can always try cutting it into slices, lightly frying it, and making fish sticks. It’s a childhood favorite, and it’s made with a food that is great for them too. 

While you are experimenting with these new foods for your child, we hope that you will find something new you enjoy as well. Remember that your child looks up to you, and the best way to get him or her excited about eating well, is by getting excited about it yourself!

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