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How to Take Better Class Notes

Taking good class notes is a skill all students should learn. It won't only come in handy this exams season, it can actually turn into a great lifelong skill. Your child may have to change a few habits in order to become a better note taker, but it won't be hard. Start them off with these tips.

Listen to the Lesson

Many students think they have to write down everything their teacher says during a lesson. This actually isn't true at all. In fact, your child should concentrate on listening to the lesson and processing the information. They should only jot down the most important information. By actively listening, they'll get a lot more out of the lesson than if they were to try and write down everything they heard.

Share Notes With Friends

Sharing test answers and homework isn't encouraged, but sharing notes definitely is. Encourage your child to compare notes with some of their friends. By doing this, they can all have a complete set of notes. Maybe your child missed a part of the lesson when they stepped out to use the bathroom or maybe one of their friends didn't quite grasp a concept. By sharing notes, they can fill in these holes so that they have more complete notes to study from later on.

Write Them Again

Rewriting notes is a great way to review the information in them while also cleaning them up a bit. Have your child rewrite their notes or type them up so that they are neater and easier to read through. While they're at it, they can also add in more information or clarification on points that needed to be elaborated on a bit more.

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