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Technology Glossary for Children

We are living in a digital age, and it is likely that your child is teaching you these vocabulary words already. In case she is not, here is a list of technology terms your child should know to introduce her for the world of computers.
  • Backup - An extra copy of a file or document.
  • Browser - A program used to browse files.  A web browser, like Firefox or Chrome, browses internet files.
  • Burn a CD - To make a copy of data onto a CD. It is called “burn” because it actually heats up the CD and uses a laser to write the information.
  • Cursor - A screen icon that moves when you move the mouse. The cursor is used to make a selection on the screen.
  • Caret or Insertion Point - The small blinking line that shows you where your next typed letter or number will go.
  • Data - Any information stored by a computer. It can be stored in files, E-mails, video games, songs, pictures, you name it.
  • Desktop - The screen that appears if you are not browsing the Internet, reading a file, or playing a game. It is usually the screen that loads once you have booted the computer.
  • Download - The process of copying something from another computer or the Internet, and saving it onto your computer.
  • Drag and drop - Click on something and hold the button down to move the object you clicked on and to leave it where you let go of the button.

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