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January is the perfect time to set new goals and start working towards improvement. This month we want to share some advice on how you can help your child start setting age-appropriate goals.

How to Help Your Child Set Age Appropriate Goals

No matter how young children are, they can learn to set goals and work towards them. Of course, it is important that the goals your child sets are age appropriate. For kindergartners and school-aged children, you can help them set their goals by starting with academic goals. Younger children should stick to one goal so that they can truly focus on learning to attain that one objective. For younger children, you may want to look at the areas he/she is struggling in and help them set a goal for that. For example, maybe a younger child has a hard time socializing with others. In this case, you can suggest that their goal for this new year be to start talking to at least one classmate during recess. Older children may have two goals or three goals related to school. For example, raising their B in math to an A for the next report card and trying out for a spring sport. Help your child write down their goals and encourage them or suggest some steps that will help him/her reach the objective. Then, offer your help and support to help him complete those steps throughout the year. It is also helpful to set up a calendar for older children to chart their own progress. A colorful chart for younger children is a great idea so that they can view their improvement and see how much closer they are to their goal.

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