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Useful Time Management Tips for Students

Next time you hear your child say they don't have enough time to complete all of their tasks, sit them down and talk about how they're using their time. You may be surprised to learn your child just needs some help with their time management skills. If this is the case, teach your child to manage their time better with these tips.

Prioritize Tasks

To make the best use of their time, teach your child to create daily to-do lists so that they can keep track of all the tasks they would like to complete. It's generally recommended that a to-do list doesn't include more than 7 items because you may be setting yourself to fail, which can lead to feeling unmotivated. Once they've written down their tasks, have your child organize them by order of importance so that they can focus on completing the most important items first.

Get Organized

The next step is to get organized, and this includes everything from your child's workspace to their backpack. A messy work area can lead to more distractions and time being wasted looking for the tools they need to complete their homework. A messy backpack can lead to lost notes and time wasted sorting through random papers to find an assignment. Try setting aside some time every week to declutter and organize in order to avoid wasting time daily.

Set Realistic Expectations

If your child really doesn't have enough hours in a day to complete all of their tasks and relax for a bit, they may need to drop at least one of their extracurricular activities. Your child shouldn't be feeling overwhelmed or burnt out, so reassess how much they have going on and set more realistic expectations. By dropping at least one activity, your child can make better use of their time and complete their other tasks more effectively.

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