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Help Your Child Read Aloud Confidently

Students who haven't been reading for long may still be too shy to read in front of their peers. Luckily, they have you to practice with at home. Encourage your child to develop their reading skills at home with these simple tips.

Read Aloud Together

While some students may be eager to show off their new reading skills by reading to you, others may need some time to develop their reading confidence. To help your child do just that, make time to read to them daily. Help them follow along with what you're reading by pointing it out as you go. It also helps to start by reading aloud together before pushing them to do it themselves.

Look for an Audience

Your child may already have some great reading skills, but they may be too shy to read to you. To help them build their confidence, find them another audience they're more comfortable practicing in front of. For example, having your young learner read to their baby brother or sister can help them feel more confident in their skills. They can also read to the family pet or their stuffed animals before reading to an audience that can talk back.

Don't Point out Mistakes for Now

Your child won't read perfectly right away, so don't expect them to. While it is important to point out large mistakes in order to help their development, don't stop for every tiny mistake they make. This can hurt their self-confidence and even make them a more nervous reader. Instead, help them sound out words, help them when they ask for it, and let them see that you make mistakes while reading too.

Reading Tutoring in Hoover, AL

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