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Stay on Task With a To-Do List

If your child has a tough time keeping all of their daily tasks organized or if they can just use some help managing their time better, creating daily to-do lists may be the perfect solution. To help your child develop to-do lists that are effective, introduce them to these tips.

Write Down Your To-Do List

To start, your child will need to write down their to-do list in order for it to actually work. No matter what they say, keeping a mental to-do list won't be as effective as a written one. Whether your child uses an app to write down their tasks or uses a notepad and a pencil, simply writing it down will ensure they don't forget a single task.

Be Specific When Writing Down Your Tasks

As your child writes down their tasks for the day, be sure their list is as specific as possible. Writing down a task like 'doing homework' isn't specific enough because the amount of homework they have isn't clear. Having your child write down specific assignments will make it easier for them to visualize just how much they need to get done. On top of that, each time they finish an assignment they can cross it off their list. This will show them their progress which can help keep them motivated.

Prioritize the Items on Your To-Do List

Finally, have your child create a to-do list that follows some sort of order. Instead of having them go down their list randomly, instruct your child to organize their to-do list in order of importance. Their most pressing or important tasks should be listed first and the ones that aren't as important should go towards the end of the list. This will ensure they get the most important items out of the way first before using up their time and energy on items that can wait for later.

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