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Strategies That Can Help Your Child Improve Their Mental Math Skills

Most children aren't fond of mental math, especially when they have a trusty calculator on their cellphone, tablet, and computer. But, what are they going to do when they have to take a test that doesn't allow them to use a calculator? Teach them the importance of mental math and then help them sharpen their mental math skills with these tips.

Memorize Key Facts

There are certain math facts your child can benefit from memorizing. Have your child work on memorizing their multiplication tables through the use of flashcards and games like Math Bingo. Take this one step further by helping them memorize other math facts that may be useful, such as 1/n's and basic squares and square roots.

Look for Shortcuts

There are plenty of shortcuts your child can learn that will make solving long problems easier. For example, any time they're multiplying a number by 10 all they have to do is add a 0 to it. If they have to multiply a large number by 5, make it easier by first dividing the number by 2 and then multiplying the result by 10.

Keep Speed Drills Handy

An easy and even fun way to help your child develop their mental math skills is by surprising them with speed drills every once in a while. You can use worksheets that they have to complete in a minute or look for websites with activities that push your child to race against the clock.

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